The Samsung Galaxy A70 S be the first mobile with 64 Mpx camera

The Samsung Galaxy A70 S be the first mobile with 64 Mpx camera

A few months ago Samsung introduced us to its new family of mid-range terminals, the Galaxy A. These were a great leap forward compared to last year's models. We were able to thoroughly analyze the Samsung Galaxy A50 and also tested the A40, A80 and A70.

The latter is the one that has recently arrived in Spain at a price of 399 euros, quite adequate considering its specifications.

Now we have learned that there will be a variant of this smartphone that will arrive with the new Samsung camera of 64 Mpx.

Again a Galaxy A leads innovation

As Samsung said, its Galaxy A will be the first phones to incorporate advanced technologies developed by the company and this is no exception. A few days ago we saw how will be the first 64 Mpx sensors from Samsung, which would arrive in models of the brand in the second half of the year.

Now we know that the terminal that will release this sensor will be the Samsung Galaxy A70 S, a variant of the A70 that we do not know if it will have more differences with the current model or if it will remain in the change of the main sensor, which in the A70 is 48 Mpx.

Neither the price nor the date of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy A70 S has been specified, nor the markets in which it will be put on sale, something that should not worry us since Samsung is now in a position in which it is convenient to launch The more models in the more markets, the better to take advantage of the improvement window that has the problem between Huawei and the United States.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is not expected to use this high resolution sensor, although it is expected to have a renewed camera, although this is not something that has been confirmed.