The 10 best apps for students of 2019

The 10 best apps for students of 2019

The Back to School is coming. If you are worried about the notes you are going to get, it is time to remedy it. In addition to attending class and studying more than ever, there is something else you need: you smartphone.

Any excuse is good for wasting time when the only thing you should be doing is studying for that important test. With the applications that we present below you can organize yourself like never before and be more productive.

In addition to these apps to create lists, notes and savings plans, you will need a good notebook that allows you to take notes in class and work while traveling in public transportation, as well as other electronic devices that will make your student life easier.

Evernote (Android / iOS)

Evernote is the ideal application for those who want to have everything in an app: block of notes, calendar, to-do and check lists, scan and you can even save what you find interesting on the Internet.

Best of all, the app syncs automatically, so you can access everything you have saved from your phone, your tablet or your computer You can download it for free, although it offers internal purchases.

Download | Evernote for Android / Evernote for iOS

Google Drive (Android / iOS)

Most students already know the benefits of Google Drive, which only requires that you have an email account associated with Gmail. This free cloud storage service allows you to share all your documents with your friends.

Also accessible from your smartphone or tabletWith Google Drive you can also create text documents, slide shows, spreadsheets and much more. We especially like that you can access these files even without an Internet connection.

Download | Google Drive for Android / Google Drive for iOS

Coursera (Android / iOS)

Whether or not you are a full-time student, you may also be interested in supplementing your knowledge with one of the courses on-line offered by Coursera and with professors from reputed universities around the world.

From this application, you will have access to the complete catalog of studies and you will be able to track your process. Coursera makes it very easy for you to resume the lesson where you left it, as well as contact your mentor and other students directly.

Download | Coursera for Android / Coursera for iOS

EasyBib (Android / iOS)

All teachers usually have the great desire to want their students' works to include bibliographic citations. Although it can be a somewhat annoying and heavy process, luckily this annoyance is over with EasyBib.

This completely free application allows you to scan the barcode of a book and automatically generate a bibliographic reference. You can choose in which format you want it, including MLP, APA, Chicago and Harvard.

Download | EasyBib for Android / EasyBib for iOS