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Telegram takes privacy to a higher level with its new options

Telegram has always positioned itself as one of the applications that has most favored the privacy of its users, giving many options so that we ourselves can configure the way in which we send certain data. Its creator has even charged the competition for this.

Today this reaches a new level since we can configure what elements each of our contacts sees depending on the groups in which it is.

Profiling privacy

Telegram takes privacy to a higher level with its new options

In the new privacy settings we will have several elements for us to choose the members of the groups that can see them. Among them are the phone number, our profile picture or the time of the last connection.

As a person enters or leaves these groups these adjustments will be applied automatically so that we do not have to be changing the permits manually.

The bots can use our Telegram account to connect us

Another novelty is that which allows us to connect to a web page suggested by a bot using our Telegram account to, for example, leave a comment. This way it will be faster and more comfortable for us.

The channels will have chat groups

Telegram takes privacy to a higher level with its new options

The popular Telegram channels can now have their own chat group to discuss, which will be created by the channel administrator.

These channels will now have a button at the bottom that will allow us to go directly to the discussion chat to talk with other members.

Other news on Telegram

Another novelty is what allows anyone, even if you don't have a Telegram account, see and read what is said on a channel that is public, through a web link.

In addition, Telegram apps will notify us if they believe that a message that has been sent to us is an attempt to scam or scam, with a sign next to the name of the user who sends us the message.

Finally, in Android we can change the visual theme in the chat settings, with a new carousel in which we can test how each of the available themes is.