Pokmon Masters has a notification from which many other games with mobile payments can learn

Pokmon Masters has a notification from which many other games with mobile payments can learn

Pokemon Masters

Still not playing the new title of Pokmon on your mobile device? After Pokmon GO, we already have available to download the new video game for smartphones starring Pikachu and company and after having tried it for a couple of hours we can only say that Everything indicates that Pokmon Masters will be the new fashion game of this 2019.

And although Pokmon Masters is a really fun game, it shares with the rest of free games for Android and iOS devices the same practice that many of us don't like: integrated purchases sometimes with excessive prices. But the new Pokmon game unlike many other similar video games has decided to implement a small warning that will allow us to control all our expenses.

Pokmon Masters help you not to spend more money from the account

Paying to play video games has nothing wrong, on the contrary. Deciding to help game developers financially is even advisable. and more if it is to support a title as fun as this. Another thing is when developers abuse microtransactions but that's another story …

And yes, Pokmon Masters like any free game available in the Google app store – or Apple – can sometimes seem to abuse integrated payments and this does not give a bad image when it comes to a game intended for an objectively childish public – and here we are the 30 and peak playing. But its creators have decided to implement a notification to notify all players when they have spent a certain amount of money in the game and thus be able to keep track of expenses.

Pokmon Masters catch

A Reddit user has shared the capture and it looks like the game warn as soon as we have spent in the same month, money to buy 3,000, 6,000 or 10,000 gems. Those, before we will have to have activated the notifications for it.

Although this notification alone does not save the free mobile games from becoming more and more integrated purchases, the truth is that other developers can learn from Pokmon Masters with this type of practice. A simple notice like this can help us leave the credit card still in the wallet for a while … until next month.

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