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MicroSD cards on offer with discounts that exceed 40%

Uso de tarjeta microSD en smartphone

Surely in this year's vacation you have made a large number of Photos (and, also, you have recorded videos). It is possible that the amount you are looking for a device in which store all this content separately to access it when you need it. One of the options that is recommended are the microSD cards on offer, of which we show several models.

The accessories we have chosen are those that offer more than enough space for you to keep everything I have done in summer (and, sure, in several years ago if you decide to do so). We say this because the storage space they offer is really wide since we talk about more 128 GB, more than enough to save large amounts of images and video (including what have 4K quality). In addition, all products have a discount of at least 40% regarding its original price, so the purchase is more than recommended since they are a device of brands of recognized prestige.

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The microSD cards on offer that you should not miss

Then, we leave the corresponding links for each of the models that we have chosen and that are available in the store Amazon, so that in this way you do not have problems buying reliability and, in addition, that you can do everything directly from your smartphone and sitting in the armchair of your house. These are the options that we think are interesting:

Samsung EVO Plus

An excellent quality model that has a spectacular discount. Ensures great compatibility with different devices, and its use has no problem with smartphones and computers (includes an adapter). It is capable of reading data at a speed of up to 100 Mb / s, so multimedia content management is really good.

Samsung EVO Plus memory card

SanDisk Ultra

One of the microSD cards on offer that must be taken into account, since it combines excellent storage capacity with performance that is really good, as evidenced by its 100 Mb / s when working. It is a Class 10 model which ensures reliability and does not give any problem of compactness, a very good option.

Kingston SDC10G2

An option that is worth having in the gutter, since it is very complete and offers resistance options that are decisive, such as X-rays (important for traveling). It does not clash in what has to do with performance since it does not bullet 100 Mb / s, so the management of multimedia content is quite good. A microSD card on offer to value.

Kingston microSD card

SanDisk Ultra 400

An excellent quality / price ratio is what this device offers as we talk about a very high storage capacity, the best that exist, with a performance that allows you to work with Full HD content without the slightest problem. It does not give problems with Android terminal and, also, with the Windows 10 operating system.

Sandisk 400 GB mciroSD cards

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