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Learn Japanese while playing this original role-playing game

Learn Japanese while playing with this original role-playing game

Mixing a game with language learning is not something you see very often. And if the learning is of the Japanese language the result is even more surprising, but that is how we could define Enchanted tales since it is an RPG that teaches you the Japanese by force of unraveling the mysteries of a magic school.

The approach seems not to marry. A role-playing game that teaches you Japanese? Well, after all, the best RPGs have always been Japanese. And surely you have played more than one that, at the very least, forced you to dust off English. Although yes, Enchanted Tales makes learning easier to include in the game methodologies that not only show translations, but also the different syllables and language techniques. It could be a first step for anyone who wants to get into Japanese culture.

Simple lessons to blow magic spells

Learn Japanese while playing with this original role-playing game

They used to say that "The letter with blood comes in," but it is false: what it really makes you learn is that the subject is enjoyable, instructive and fun. Hence, games are the perfect tool because they allow teaching and entertaining. Enchanted Tales achieves both challenges by combining the classic style of RPGs with a story that will unravel as we go into the library's underground.

The game has classic RPG graphics with drawings inspired by the aesthetic manga that introduce the history and teachings of Japanese. These teachings are happening in increasing order of difficulty, as the language is learned. Enchanted tales start with the basics to build words using the different Japanese syllables; always gradually and without the game being finished: only the first level is available.

Learn Japanese while playing with this original role-playing game

Not only will we advance through the library's underground unraveling the mysteries, the game will also ask us for knowledge to settle. We will drive a blue energy ball that will follow Nami, the leading librarian. As we learn magic tricks (learning with it Japanese) we can face the dangers of subways. The graphics are simple and the music somewhat insistent, two drawbacks that do not hinder the effort to teach the language.

Enchanted Tales is in development and you can collaborate with the creators

Learn Japanese while playing with this original role-playing game

The game is available in the Google Play Store, but at the moment only the first level is found. The developers seek financing to continue the game: you can collaborate with them through their crowdfunding project. Currently they have already raised half, they lack the last push to get that Enchanted tales be complete: you have time to collaborate until November 11.

You can try the first level of Enchanted Tales Downloading it from the following link. Remember that it is not definitive: it is currently under development.