larger OLED screen with Alexa and Spotify

larger OLED screen with Alexa and Spotify

Fitbit has just officially announced the new smartwatch Verse 2, the second version of your smartwatch that improves on what matters most: your screen, battery and software.

With a design similar to the previous model and Versa Lite, it is impossible to think that it looks more and more like Apple Watch, although with its differences.

The leaks are confirmed and Versa 2 has an OLED screen that allows it to look much better outdoors, especially in direct sunlight.

It includes heart rate monitoringalso activity and sleep analysis and it can be submerged up to 50 meters, so it is thermally compatible with diving in the sea, although salt water is usually not recommended for these gadgets.

Fitbit is also compatible with Spotify and you can control music playback from the watch, although you cannot download songs or playlists.

The battery of the Fitbit Versa 2 does not disappoint and is something that Fitbit knows how to manage quite well. According to its specifications the battery is capable of holding up to 5 days of use, although this will depend on the amount of time you use it.

One of the negative parts of Fitbit Versa 2 is that still do not integrate GPS in the smartwatch, something that will surely recriminate your battery, but that is very useful for athletes who exercise outdoors. Even so, capture the location using the mobile's GPS.

Alexa integrated as a personal assistant

Fitbit has integrated Alexa as its virtual assistant and like other products such as speakers or headphones, Alexa can answer questions or control different devices in your home that are connected.

You will need an Amazon account and give certain permissions so you can always listen to the built-in microphone.

As for the Fitbit customization, it allows you to change the design of the main screen, which always remains active showing the time and date.

It includes NFC to make card payments, although its payment system is not as widespread as Google Pay or Apple Pay. According to Fitbit information for now in Spain it is only compatible with CaixaBank, OpenBank, Santander, Carrefour and Revolut.

Fitbit maintains the price of the first generation and can be booked for 199.95 euros.