Google publishes a new Mario Kart Tour ad, and you can sign up to download it

Google publishes a new Mario Kart Tour ad, and you can sign up to download it

Mario Kart Android

Every day we play more with our smartphones, and this has made developers interested in launching more games for our terminals, whether they are simple games or somewhat more complicated games, which require greater graphic power. For tastes, the colors.

But, if there are games that, personally, I like to always give them a chance, are the classic games moved to Android, and now, Google has decided to announce Mario Kart Tour With this fun spot where the company takes the opportunity to promote their devices.

This is the announcement of Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour is one of the next games that Nintendo – in collaboration with Google itself – launch to the market, with the same concept in addition to Super Mario Run, playing in vertical format and with good graphics that will help to make the experience with the game very good, in accordance with its playability.

In this ad we see how users' mobiles – all of them are Google Pixel, of course – start to vibrate and make things move around them, then compete with each other in a race, as we will do in Mario Kart Tour When the game is published.

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In this video, we can appreciate certain details about the game, such as the presence of bonuses that we can take to try to overcome our rivals – or at least harm them – with special mention to the blue shell, that attacks the leader of the race, and that affects the protagonist of the spot.

You can now pre-register on Google Play to download the game soon, when it is available, at which time Google itself will notify you to do so. Although it is expected to be released on September 25.

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