Google Maps adds directions for shared car trips

Google Maps adds directions for shared car trips

Google Maps adds directions for shared car trips

Today we have no doubt about what it is the basis of Android success, based mainly on services as important as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play or Assistant which have become essential for basic tasks such as moving around the city.

And it is that a mobile experience of quality is one that in addition to staying connected, helps us arrive on time to our destinations following the best route, and all this regardless of the means of transport we use.

In fact, mobility is changing by leaps and bounds after the appearance of electronic scooters and other types of vehicles even shared, so when they started working, Google has begun to offer Maps navigation instructions for shared travel options, even bicycles or scooters.

It's about the calls first and last mile mobility solutions, which arrive on Google Maps to mature the navigation instructions with more modern methods and multiple means of transport of last generation.

So, from now on Google Maps start offering step-by-step navigation including shared travel options such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, electric scooters or the like, in a new section of mixed mode that we can find in the indications tab.

multimodal shared trip

How Google Maps mixed navigation modes work

Google Maps is probably one of the most powerful tools when planning trips that we can find in the industry, and now be able to even offer us options for those short trips between the office and the most appropriate subway station to get home.

To do this, enough as always introduce our destination, and in the menu of indications we will be able to access the options of shared travel if any, with information in addition to the available providers of bicycles, scooters or other options.


In addition, when taking a shared vehicle we can also see useful information about each leg of the trip such as prices, waiting and more, and be possible to configure our favorite suppliers.

In the case of bicycles, Google Maps also show Road sections adapted for cyclists and enabled trails, including the estimated travel time and the total time to the destination.

This improvement is already developed and has been tested in India by Google, which has announced combined mobility routes with bicycles and shared trips for both Android and iOS in 30 passes from the end of next September.

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