Google Assistant take its place

Google Assistant take its place

Android Auto

We already notified you a few weeks ago: the mobile version of Android Auto has the days numbered. At the end of July, the first signs that pointed to the disappearance of this mode appeared after the great update of the platform did not affect the mobile version, added to the existence of the “car mode” of the Google Assistant announced during the I / Or 2019.

But now it seems to be a reality that Google has planned kill Forever the mobile version of Android Auto, and completely replace it with this car mode integrated in the Assistant, as indicated by the new notices that have appeared in the app recently, and shared by the editor of XDA-Developers Mishaal Rahman.

As you can see, Google will be preparing to carry out this transition, which will force users to stop using the mobile version of Android Auto in favor of Google Assistant. However, Assistant's driving mode should have arrived somewhere this summer, and for now we have not heard from it again.

Since 9to5Google has even discovered that Google plans to put a date on the disappearance of Android Auto on mobile, although this has not yet been revealed.

Although I am afraid that not everyone will be happy about this change, the truth is that it is the most logical step if Google plans to make Android Auto an independent platform for increasingly more complete cars, which at some point in its future cease to depend on of an application installed in the mobile. Also Google Assistant car mode seems quite promising from what we saw in the I / O 2019. Now only one small detail: that becomes available to users.

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