Geneva Cinema + soundbar with integrated support

Geneva Cinema + soundbar with integrated support

Have a good Sound bar It is vital to enjoy a high multimedia experience on your Smart TV. The problem is that sometimes we do not have enough space in our home to be able to place this element in the right place. And that's just what solves Geneva Cinema +.

And, one of the big problems of the great majority of Smart TV has to do with its design. Every time we want more minimalist models, and manufacturers launch ultra-thin smart TVs. The result? There is no space to integrate quality speakers, so the user experience looks remarkably ballasted. Unless you buy a soundbar. You have no space? The new complement of Geneva Lab you will love.

Geneva Cinema + Soundbar

Geneva Cinema +, a soundbar with support for your Smart TV

And, this firm specializing in products related to the smart TV market, has just launched a really compact Smart TV speaker that allows you to configure three options: a sound bar that attaches directly to the television, a base model to support television on the bedside table, and a third model that rests directly on the floor.

In this way, the Swiss-based firm has taken into account any configuration of your home. Do you have very little space? Take advantage of its smaller version to hang the TV on the wall. Do you have a small table on which you put the TV? Bet on the model with small base. Or, if you can't hang the Smart TV on the wall and you need a support with a more complete soundbar, the third model will love it.

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And eye, that despite its small size, the soundbar with Cinema + support has excellent sound quality. For starters, it offers deep bass thanks to a subwoofer shooting backwards. To this, we must add two front shot controllers to offer higher frequencies of height.

Geneva Cinema + Soundbar Price

Multiple connectivity options for this base with speaker compatible with any Smart TV

The result? A sound quality that meets the needs of the most audifilos users. And not only that: this new component for our Smart TV has all kinds of connectivity options. In this way, we can connect this sound bar through its HDMI ARC, optical output, RCA or 3.5 mm. In addition, his Bluetooth connectivity With technology aptX offers great stability when connecting any compatible device.

Regarding the price of this base for your Smart TV with integrated soundbar, the device has a starting price of 399 euros. To this, we must add the small base, which costs 249 euros more, in addition to the more complete model with support for the floor that amounts to 329 euros. A system that is not exactly cheap, but that has a quality of finishes, and listening experience to meet your expectations. In addition to saving enough space in your salon.