From Telegram they assure that they will release their own cryptocurrency in less than 2 months

From Telegram they assure that they will release their own cryptocurrency in less than 2 months

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Telegram, the messaging service that we like so much in Andro4all and that we recommend before other applications such as WhatsApp from Facebook, aims to expand its business borders. According to a report from The New York Times, The Russian company also launched its own cryptocurrency called Gram.

According to these sources, Telegram has until October 31 to launch GramIf you do not lose the 1.7 billion dollars you raise to make this project a reality, so the company is struggling against all odds to be able to launch the cryptocurrency.

Gram is stored in a digital wallet that Telegram itself create and he hopes to offer it to his more than 200 million users around the world, although the popular messenger application will not have it really easy, especially considering some precedents.

Facebook, the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg, already announced a few months ago your own virtual currency called Libra with the objective of, according to the words of its creators, to make as simple as possible the financial transactions for all the people of the world, live where they live and have or do not have a bank account.

While his way is not being pink precisely, first because the regulatory agencies will closely follow the actions of the social network and second, because the first cyber scams related to Libra have already appeared on the network, promoting offers to acquire this virtual currency with discounts and all this despite the fact that no We will see Libra until minimum 2020.

Anyway we have to wait until the deadline, October 31, to really check if Telegram has been able to launch its own cryptocurrency and above all, knowing how he has achieved it in such a short time. It can be a very attractive option, particularly considering that on this occasion, Facebook will not be involved.

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