Free applications that were previously paid, if the downloads do not fly

Free applications that were previously paid, if the downloads do not fly

How difficult it is to start the week, right? And that we are already on Tuesday, we can say that the worst is over and that everything starts to come up. Especially because we bring you our usual compilation of Free payment applications for a short time: It is always a joy to download free apps and quality games at no cost. Especially this Tuesday: today's selection is very good. Don't miss the UFO Part Time offer!

Since all discounts are for a limited time, they will disappear from the Google Play Store as the offer period runs out. So you must hurry: only then will you get the promotions as we review. At the time of publishing this article the applications offered the indicated discounts.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Do not go yet, we still have more offers on apps and games. Not because they continue to cost money are no longer recommended, if you are going to thank the downloads: they are high quality applications at a great price.

Part Time UFO

Don't waste your time and run RIGHT NOW to download Part Time UFO: It's one of those games that you won't believe you have on mobile. It is developed by the creators of the saga Kirby, HAL Laboratory. And it keeps all the magic, simplicity and fun of its best games. It has a 46% discount, don't even think about it.

FBReader Premium

One of the best ebook readers for Android. FBReader It has a certain tradition in our system, but it is still an excellent way to read books, PDFs and other texts on the smartphone screen. The Premium version now has a 33% discount.

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