Download the new Firefox password management app for free

Download the new Firefox password management app for free

Most users who use an Android mobile have at least one web browser, Chrome, preinstalled. This is because Google forces companies that manufacture mobile phones to install it if they want to also have access to other tools such as YouTube, Gmail or Google Maps.

But there is life beyond Chrome and one of the best alternatives is Firefox. The Mozilla browser is a stable, fast application that claims to give users more options to avoid being tracked on the internet.

In the Android system it is also available and now an application arrives that will be a mandatory installation for use by Firefox for Android. It is called Lockwise and is a password manager.

A free password manager

You may sound applications like LastPass or 1Password. These apps allow you to centralize password management so you don't go crazy with the multiple variables we use on a daily basis.

Well, Mozilla has created a call Lockwise, which is based on synchronization with Firefox to have all our passwords available even outside the browser.

In addition, we can use this service to auto-complete the registration on a web page or in an application when we have the password within Lockwise, as we do with the alternatives we have mentioned before.

Securing with fingerprint

You can now download the new Firefox password management app for free

To enter the application we can put a PIN or use our fingerprint and within it we can press on each of the passwords to enter directly to the application using our credentials.

If we want to put our username and password at hand we can also do it, by clicking on the copy icon that we have next to each of the fields.

In a first version there was a password finder, something quite comfortable, but inexplicably has been removed from the application in the last update.