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Download awesome HQ wallpapers from this new application

Among all the options of personalization that exist on Android there is none as simple and fast as change wallpaper or wallpaper. It is compatible with any smartphone, layer and launcher. And it allows to vary so radically the aspect that you can put the mobile just as you like. Especially if you use an app like Paper.

There are so many wallpaper applications that highlighting with a new contribution is almost impossible. But Paper, the app that we recommend, you get it: it has a huge collection of wallpapers, they are in high quality, they are categorized and you can also locate specific backgrounds thanks to the search engine. Nothing new, yes it is the fact that the app is free, It lacks ads and has no strange permissions.

Download the wallpapers you like best, and in high resolution, with Paper

Download awesome HQ wallpapers from this new application

The application has no mystery since, once you open it for the first time, you will know how to move around it. All wallpapers are categorized in different sections to make it easier for you to find a wallpaper that you fall in love with. And, as we said, you can also use the search engine: the selection is remarkably varied, we have found wallpapers of a lot of themes.

Paper needs Internet to work since, if not, its weight would be huge. By default, load all images at low resolution, but you can see the background in «HQ»By clicking on the corresponding button. It cannot be applied by default to all images, so you will have to do both steps with each high resolution wallpaper you wish to download. A drawback that, however, will save you mobile data if you are using Paper with your rate

Download awesome HQ wallpapers from this new application

Once the wallpapers are downloaded you will have to go to your image gallery and apply them from there (We hope to add the option to change the wallpaper directly from Paper). And a little more; Without this being negative: the key is in the quality, variety and quantity of wallpapers, you have plenty to choose from.

You can download Paper from the following link to the Google Play Store. It is a free app and lacks advertising.