Dell Venue 10 7000, la nueva tablet ultrafina con pantalla QuadHD y teclado extraíble

Dell Venue 10 7000: All the information

Android tablets can also serve to accompany us in our day to day and facilitate our daily work. For this there are manufacturers who are betting on including official keyboard cases in their tablets. Sony already did it with its new Xperia Tablet Z4, the new HTC Nexus 9 also has one available for purchase and Dell also signs up.

The renowned manufacturer Dell today announced to the world its new tablet model. A device with a larger screen than the model Venue 8 7000 but with the same internal hardware. Although in the physical section we also find very notable changes.

A 10-inch screen to be more efficient

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The new Dell Venue 10 7000 has a processor Intel Atom Z3580 and a 2GB RAM. We also have a 8MP rear camera with RealSense 3D technology. We also found changes in its battery, which having a larger screen is more than predictable. We will go from 10,900mAh battery to 7,000 mAh.

We find this hardware behind a screen of neither more nor less than 10.5 inches with a QuadHD resolution of 2560 × 1600 pixels. But a peculiarity is found on one of the sides of the tablet. We will have a kind of cylinder with speakers that will also support the external keyboard (not included by default). The keyboard will help us keep the tablet upright in the position we want and be able to work with it.

Removable external keyboard with support utility

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In total we have a very fine design, except the cylinder with the speaker and the battery, of only 6.2 mm. A very small thickness and that makes this tablet a good option if we want something that is easy to transport.

Price and availability

It must be said that although one of the main attractions is the keyboard, it is not included with the tablet. This will be sold separately for some $ 130. As for the tablet Dell Venue 10 7000 will go on sale for $ 499. Your departure date is for this month starting with the United States and China. Other markets will be added later.

Via | The verge

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