we visit it thoroughly and participate in a "feedback" session

we visit it thoroughly and participate in a "feedback" session

Looking back at the most recent batch mobile manufacturers, OnePlus falls into those that have grown in popularity and also in the location of its facilities. Part of them are in Taipei (Taiwan), specifically one of the OnePlus photo lab, and we had the opportunity to meet him in the first person.

An office that already triggers curiosity a lot, where we saw many engineers dealing with aspects of the OnePlus software and hardware and also where we were able to meet such important members of the company like its co-founder Carl Pei or product manager Zake Zhang, whom we could interview. A visit that also had the incentive to participate in a session of feedback photographic and in a photo contest (with better results than expected). We tell you in detail.

One of its main facilities in Asia

The facilities we visited have existed since 2014, the year that the brand was known and that we had the opportunity to interview Carl Pei thoroughly (here the second part). It is located in Taipei and consists of several sections, all dotted with corporate colors (and the Never settle not missing).

Oneplus Lab Working Room 01

These offices are responsible for camera software and hardware, working both on the products already launched (reviewing the operation) and on what is to come. Between the different rooms we find an entrance starring an avalanche of merchandising that the brand has been accumulating over the years, the meeting rooms and then the main room of the workers.

Elsewhere is a leisure, exercise and rest room (with a large mural to build Legos that was already quite full) and finally the laboratories per se.

Oneplus Lab Leisure Room

This is not the only laboratory that the brand has, being several in Asia, but it is one of the most advanced dedicated to the quality of the image they have. In broad strokes of what it is about (and what we could see) is simulate several possible scenarios at the photographic level in order to create a range of tests as complete as possible.

Oneplus Lab Never Settle 01

Thus, speaking of the laboratories there are five rooms, among which the following units are distributed:

  • Calibration test laboratory
  • Camera development laboratory 3A
  • HDR development laboratory (high dynamic range)
  • Automatic functional verification laboratory (perhaps the most striking, now we will show you)
  • Automatic objective test laboratory

Together they can simulate both daytime, indoor, dark scenes or certain types of photographs such as macro or portraits, as well as different types of lighting (backlights, front, back, etc.). As we will see, they are rooms full of calibration charts and other usual elements in photographic tests and as appropriate they are more or less automated processes.

Calibration test laboratory

In this room different lighting conditions are established for test exposure times using various calibration tables. A manual process of debugging the algorithms is carried out so that the results obtained in the laboratories are similar to those that the user has in his experience.

Oneplus Lab 04