The new Vivo NEX 3 with “waterfall” type screen and without side buttons can be seen in video in detail

The new Vivo NEX 3 with “waterfall” type screen and without side buttons can be seen in video in detail

Vivo NEX 3, waterfall screen

It has been more than a year since the launch of the first I live NEX, the smartphone that began the trend of emerging cameras and front "all screen". Now the third generation of this series is coming, and today we can take a first look, on video, at the device that will soon be presented to the world as Vivo NEX 3.

The video in question is from youtuber Arun Maini, MrWhosetheboss, who has had early access to the device to allow us to see his spectacular design, where the “Waterfall” format screen and its pronounced lateral curves are the main protagonists.

This is the Vivo NEX 3: no side buttons, curved screen and 5G

Vivo confirmed a few weeks ago having created the first smartphone with a percentage of screen occupancy with respect to the front over 100%, thanks to the cascade screen format that will debut alongside this NEX 3. IN the video, you can see how yes alright The device screen certainly occupies most of the front, and the curves give an immersive feeling even greater, there are still margins on the top and bottom of the panel.

Having covered the sides of the screen device has forced Vivo to get rid of the physical volume up and down buttons, and the power button on the terminal. Instead, there are only small plastic elements with rough texture touch sensitive, which act as conventional buttons and even emit feedback in the form of vibration when activated. A solution similar to that used by the HTC U12 +, which apparently saves space.

I live NEX 3

Despite that, the top of the terminal houses a physical ignition button, I'm afraid to be used in case of problems with the software that prevent the use of virtual keys.

LIVE Nex 3, screen

So far, not too many details have been specified about the technical section of the telephone, and the only thing that has been assured is that The Vivo NEX 3 feature 5G connectivity. Beyond that, only the key aspects of its design have been disclosed, and the rest of the details remain secret until the day of its presentation.

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