The 5 best games created by teenage girls chosen by Google

The 5 best games created by teenage girls chosen by Google

Google has announced to the 5 finalists of the contest ¬ęChange the game¬Ľ, a contest made to encourage teenage girls to start creating projects in the world of video games. You can download these 5 games created by these talented girls on Google Play, and it is worth checking out.

Change the game: a proposal for equality

For some reason, the world of programming usually has a gender mismatch that many of us worry about. We do not believe that it is a matter of capacity, and it seems that Google thinks so, so they created ¬ęChange the game¬Ľ, an initiative that supports young women who want to start in the world of programming.

All these games have been born thanks to the girlsmakegames initiative, a place for girls who want to start creating video games. They carry out initiation camps to the world of video game development, but they also have a section on their website, where any teenager can start in the world of video game development.

We already have the 5 finalists of the contest, all of them extremely talented, since even being minors they have been able to create video games of a high level of quality. Do not judge them by their age, the creations of these girls are fabulous.

Mazu, created by Christine, 17 years old

Mazu is a side scroll platform, where we will control Mazu. Mazu will have to cross a forest full of dangers, which he can avoid becoming a mouse or a fox. The graphics of this game are an absolute beauty, which has made its creator the winner of the contest.

EcoVerse, created by Dakota, 14 years old

EcoVerse makes you part of the GRT (Galactic Restoration Team) with the aim of restoring nature on abandoned planets. To do this, we will have to overcome a series of mini-games, which we will have to overcome in order to bring the planets back to life.

The Other Realm, created by Lily, 14 years old

Isabelle He has woken up in a tree without any memory. Go through the tree, solve puzzles, interact with living beings and discover the evil that lurks while you recover your memories. An ideal puzzle game for a relaxed afternoon.

Symphony, created by Erin, 18 years old

Serena wants to recover her father's scores and bring color to the world with music. To do this, you must move forward, avoid enemies and overcome the various mini games that your young creator poses.

Palette, created by Lauren, 17 years old

The great dilemma of every artist is to find the ideal color for our work, and Palette simulates the pain of painters in that search for the ideal color. Combine colors with total freedom to discover known works of art that have used the color you just got in your mix.