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Resources and applications for students this new course

Knowledge does not take place, it is said. This is absolutely true if, in addition, We use apps on our iPad, iPhone or Mac to get the most out of the school year that now begins. Routine tasks such as taking notes or making spreadsheets will be more bearable thanks to these tools that also help you to enter a new way of studying and teaching students and teachers. LThe restless ones will also find here apps to give rein to their musical creativity or dive among thousands of self-knowledge books. Who said going back to school was boring?

Applications for basic students for back to class

The equivalent of the paper and pen binomial of a lifetime. There is aessential pps, designed to accompany students and teachers in the most basic tasks of the course. This is the case of Pages, a simple, intuitive word processor with an elegant and friendly design. It allows to create at the moment documents, reports, digital books, resumes and much more. Entering videos, photos or graphics is very easy, as well as shaping fully customized documents.

For the task not always pleasant to create spreadsheets, Numbers is presented as an indispensable ally. Not only does it help to create them easily, but it allows you to write and draw directly on them, add graphics and share them with other partners in real time: the union is strength. Another true maxim is that a picture is worth a thousand words. And a good presentation, more an. Keynote makes the magic arise, since it allows to give life to presentations with transitions, animated graphics, photos or videos, simply using the fingers or the Apple Pencil.

And also the fingers or the Apple Pencil are the tool to take notes in GoodNotes 5. Add to the backpack, hello to multimedia digital notebooks. In addition, this app allows you to annotate documents in Word, PowerPoint or PDF. The good thing is that it has just been searched in the folder to look for History or Geography notes: with GoodNotes 5 you can search easily and easily in a single place. As if this collection were not enough for the most applied students, it should be remembered that the most popular Microsoft Office apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive, work perfectly with the Mac and the iPad.

Expand your horizons with new applications for students

There is life beyond class time. September is also a month of restarting and trying new things. The musketeers You can try shaping your own songs with GarageBand even if you have never played a tambourine. The iPad and iPhone become a virtual rehearsal room with a multitude of tactile instruments and all the functions of a real recording studio. Those with DJ soul have the Live Loops loops to create their rhythms. Sounds good, but those who know music say there is no instrument more complete than the human voice. For those who want to get the most out of it, Verbling.Speak like a local, allows you to learn new languages ​​from native teachers around the world just by launching the app on the device: as easy.

Equally simple it is to collect ideas and knowledge from thousands of nonfiction books thanks to Blinkist: Read More Nonfiction. This application collects the key information and organize it in 15 minute packages full of pure inspiration: wisdom in small pills.

As a complement to those who never see their desire for knowledge filled, is JigSpace. Through interactive 3D videos, this app answers the classic question of "how does this work?". From the axes of a skateboard to the solar system, everything is explained by augmented reality. Augmented reality is also the Plantale engine, which shows in three dimensions how a plant is born and lives on a visual journey through the cycle of plant life.

For all those who one day not only want to use apps, but also create them, an ideal companion is Swift Playgrounds. An application with which to learn to program through puzzles, puzzles and challenges with which to unravel, little by little, the codes to create programs and tools. Do you find it difficult? Click on AppleCoding, the Spanish website that knows the most about the subject with the great Julio Cesar Fernandez.

Applications for university students

Primary and secondary education are only the prelude to the great leap: the University. In this period of student life, needs and tasks are multiplied. An app like Wunderlist: Task list works like the perfect assistant to remember what tasks remain to be done, from that project to several hands with classmates to the list to make the purchase. The ideal complement is Focus stopwatch, which Take a cable to increase productivity and act as an organizer of our time to regulate work periods and breaks. A creativity stimulant and a born motivator.

The boiling of university life leads to the succession of the moments that are worth recording. An app like Just Press Record helps to do it. This audio tool offers One-click recording, transcription and synchronization in iCloud for all devices. To capture ideas at the moment, collect everything spoken in a meeting or immortalize a masterclass To remember.

What in the first years of life is divided as head, trunk and limbs acquires, in the university age, an almost unlimited depth. Complete Anatomy Platform 20 en a trip in three dimensions through the human body using the most advanced technology that encourages learning about how our body works. A double fact that guarantees: 250 of the world's leading universities use it and is an app awarded with the Apple Design Award. Another look in detail, although this time on the art world, is the one offered by SMARTIFY: Scan & Discover art, which includes a generous amount of information about a multitude of paintings, sculptures or constructions that have gone on to posterity. He also acts as a smart assistant: if we only know that what we are looking for is "a box of dogs playing poker", this app helps us locate it.

For those who already look at the end of university life and approach that new horizon that is the world of work, it is good to have Smartly Business Courses on hand, which works as a learning platform on-line who advises on the next step to start an incipient career as an entrepreneur or improve the curriculum to disembark in the soada company. The closest thing to carrying an MBA in your pocket, with lessons on leadership, application of the economy to business or making decisions based on data. You are not a university student all your life

Free study materials to increase creativity

Creativity for all includes four project guides on drawing, music, video and photography, available for free on Apple Books. Each guide proposes a series of projects to learn skills progressively and help students to apply ideas in their daily work or to teachers to design their classes in a fun and educational way. Project guides are not intended solely for students and teachers. Although they are designed to work with them in the classroom, anyone who wants to start using apps like GarageBand or iMovie on the iPad can use them to give wings to their creativity, regardless of age.

Apple offers for back to class

As if all this were not enough, Apple launched a few weeks ago its program «Back to class«. A program with which to buy iPad or MacBooks with a great discount, and even with a Beats gift headphones !. If you are students and you want to release a new Apple device you are in luck, since this is the perfect time to do it.