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Noke, the favorite keyless bluetooth lock from iOS

In a continuous effort to publicize projects that can make our day something easier, and above all that are related to technology.Today we bring you the first lock that is unlocked with our mobile devices via Bluetooth, we present to you Noke (No Key), the lock that doesn't need a key.

As you have seen in the video presentation Noke is the logical evolution of the lock of a lifetime, where, as predicted by the arch-friend-friend of Steve Jobs,Bill gates

┬źThe authentic technological revolution will not be that of computers, but that of Smartphones that will group everything into one team┬╗.

Little by little the phones are including new technologies and banishing others, first they were the photo cameras, then the GPS navigators, the credit cards and the following ones in falling will be the physical keys, we have already seen it in Hotels that are implementing this technology to open the doors of hotels and now why not personal locks.

Noke is the first padlock that does not use the said keys, simply by touching the padlock it will detect our terminal with the encrypted key with a 128-bit AES CCM algorithm and be unlocked. Also at any given time we can share the key with our contacts to make use of our things.

How can we share Noke?

Imagine that we have a ticket office, a bicycle or any other object tied or closed with our padlock and we want to prescribe it to someone or open it even if we are not there at that time, from the iPhone application itself we can unlock it so that the other person can use it momentarily .

This wireless padlock works with a simple 3.5V battery that lasts a whole year and is very easy to change and is compatible with the Apple devices from the iPhone 4S onwards, Pod Touch 5G or newer, as well as iPad 3G or iPad minis, but what happens if we run out of the battery of our iPhone or iPad before unlocking the padlock?

Functions Noke Bluetooth Lock

Noke's team of designers has thought about this situation and gives us the possibility of creating a ┬źMorse┬╗ code that opens our lock without the need for the application.

If it seems interesting to you, the project already has a green light, that is, the minimum amount has already been collected to produce it, so tennis a safe purchase. A padlock that you could find in this direction of Kickstarter by 59 dollars and to burn that everything is much easier to keep from curious or friends of others.