New Amazon Kindle PaperWhite with high resolution display

New Amazon Kindle PaperWhite with high resolution display

The Kindle is one of the devices that has revolutionized reading thanks to its electronic ink LCD screen. In recent years Amazon has taken advantage of its success to create a whole business based on electronic books. However, to keep up, innovation is needed and the Kindle has continued to receive love.

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One of these improvements was the Kindle Paperwhite with illuminated display for better readability. Today Amazon announces an improved version of this device.

The new Kindle Paperwhite improves its low consumption LCD screen, you will now have a new resolution that will continue to help make the reading as pleasant as possible.

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<p class=These are the technical characteristics of the new Kindle Paperwhite:

  • 300 dpi high resolution screen: reads like paper
  • Now includes Bookerly, our exclusive font, designed for you to read easily and comfortably in any font size
  • Integrated dimmable light: reads day and night
  • Unlike tablets, it includes a screen to read without reflections, even in broad daylight
  • The battery lasts weeks instead of hours
  • Extensive catalog, affordable prices: more than 3 million books, including the latest bestsellers
  • Lighter than a paperback, with capacity for thousands of books
  • Kindle exclusive features: Revise vocabulary and Kindle FreeTime
  • With Kindle Unlimited you will enjoy unlimited access to more than 800,000 titles. Try Kindle Unlimited for free for 30 days

The new Kindle Paperwhite is available in Spain for a price of € 139 (€ 129 with special offers) and for € 199 (€ 189 with offers) the model with LTE connectivity. The device will go on sale on June 30.

It has also been announced that the Kindle Voyage is now available in Spain. This is the € 199 / € 189 version that includes a better screen (although not much better than the new one presented for the Paperwhite) and buttons on the sides.

Amazon has renewed its Kindles staff to be competitive and face the summer, a very good time to start reading.

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