Minecraft for Android free with the new test application

Minecraft for Android free with the new test application

Minecraft has been with us for several years. Specifically, on Android for 7, neither more nor less. Well after all that time the Mojang boys have found it convenient to grant us the opportunity to try the game before acquiring it.

Minecraft Trial

We are facing a somewhat strange case since in almost all the platforms where Minecraft is available there is a test mode. Although now that it has reached our Android devices we are not going to make too many mistakes: having more options is always welcome.

Of course, when installing this test mode we don't install the full game far from it. It is only a reduced version, in addition to limited in time of use, where we can play only and exclusively at Survival mode of the game.

In the main menu of this test mode we will find the option to purchase the full game. We will also find several "reminders" that we buy Minecraft throughout the game, especially when wanting to use an option outside the limits of the test.

Being able to try the game before paying for it is always a great option

Of course, and although late, the option to try the game Before acquiring it, it will come in pearls to those who doubted whether to also acquire the mobile version or keep the desktop or other platform. It is even a good way to know the performance of our device. Or for the simple fact of removing the bug, in case there is someone who has not played or knows Minecraft at this point.

For now not available in Spain, but, as you can see from the catches, it is in full spanish: you just have to download the APK from UpToDown. So you know: if you have never dared to try this popular game now you have a good opportunity. The saying goes: "It's never too late if the Minecraft is good."