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Mate 30 | The new cell phone from Huawei can not be sold with Android by US veto. | Technology and science | Business

The new cell phones of the series Mate 30 of Huawei, the company's flagship models, will be announced on September 18, but they may not have the Android operating system not even with its app store, Google Play, according to a spokesman for Google to the Reuters agency.

After the blockades and the complicated situation with the United States, Huawei could not have received the Google license to offer the official version of Android and its apps like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Photos.

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A few days ago, the President's Government Donald Trump postpones the veto against the Chinese company for 90 days, which meant that it can continue doing business with American companies until November 19.

However, said postponement does not apply to new products, so the Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro cannot be sold with Android.

Google may have requested a license from the Commerce Department so that the new equipment was exempt from the ban, but until now it is unknown that the request has been made.

Despite this, Huawei He is ready to present his models on September 18 in Munich, Germany, according to Reuters. However, It is unknown when they will go on sale and if they will carry the operating system that the manufacturer has been preparing: Harmony OS.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that Huawei You can use an open source version of Android without violating the US ban. Although this method will only apply to Europe upon payment of license. There is no license fee outside the old continent.

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