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Looking for alternatives to QuickPic? Here are eight galleys to replace it

It seems like yesterday, but five years have passed since the arrival of Google Photos to our devices. Something that caused the disappearance in a staggered way of the gallery of Android AOPS, an application very dear to many users.

Since that time the search for the perfect gallery has been a constant, being the main QuickPic reference. A gallery that collected the witness of the traditional Android gallery, thanks to its simplicity and quick response. Until one day Cheetah Mobile put his paws on him …

The best alternatives to QuickPic

Refusing to stop using it, many users are still looking for the QuickPic apk of the latest version before its acquisition by Cheetah Mobile. But this practice has two negative points, the first is to install an apk and the security risks involved.

The second, related to the security of our device, is to use an application that has not been updated for too long. Being able to have security holes or errors that could be exploited without even knowing us. Thinking about it we bring you the best alternatives, simple, fast and free of advertising.

Camera roll

Our first recommendation to replace QuickPic may be the most similar to the original gallery we could find on Android. Designed with the speed and the performance, betting on a simple design But full of options.

Are you looking for alternatives to QuickPic? Here you have eight galleries to replace it

It has the possibility of create virtual albums, joining different folders as one. We can also hide folders We want to get away from prying eyes, in addition to having an intuitive explorer of files.

Focus go

We are facing another proposal to be our next gallery, an application that we have talked about on occasion. We continue to meet a simple design and effective that offers a highly optimized performance.

Focus Go - Are you looking for alternatives to QuickPic? Here you have eight galleries to replace it

The two great advantages of Focus Go are the little storage you need, 1.5 mb of our device only. And the rendering engine that promises a great sharpness even by zooming, something that many users will value positively.

F-Stop Gallery

Those who look for a simple gallery, but with options for all tastes, will find themselves as a fish in the water. Under one clean interface hides some aces that will conquer us, for example the instant search, simple intuitive organization thanks to drag & drop or the classification by tags and scores.

F-Stop QuickPic

If he hasn't convinced you yet, maybe he can hide contents with password or the option of apply rules so that our galleries organize automatically. Also, if you like to customize to the smallest detail, it includes various topics To change your look to your liking.

Photo Gallery Memory

We are facing one of the most different proposals that we can find, maintaining the simplicity and a very elegant design. The main feature of this gallery is to organize our photographs at Instagram style.

Photo Gallery Memory

Not only is it a pretty face, it also includes interesting options such as a encrypted environment, password protection or the option of hide folders. We also have the option of anchor those folders that we use regularly and a favorites system To sort our photos.


Although I am in beta phase The following gallery has very interesting ingredients. Using a very nice and fluid design This free gallery has the option to protect our content using the fingerprint reader. Besides being totally offline, so you will not ask us for any strange permission.

Optic QuickPic

That is still in beta has two points of view, the good thing is that it is in constant evolution so new options will be added. The not so cool is that we may encounter the odd error. But its developer will always be happy to hear us to improve this great gallery.

Secure gallery

The security of the content of our smartphone is one of the headaches of many users. Thinking about it our next gallery offers high levels of protection, either using a password or our fingerprint.

Secure Gallery QuickPic

In addition to the gallery we have a video player, Photo editor and direct access to the device's camera. In the aspect of customization we can use various topics and choose different views of our photos, including a timeline mode To have everything tidy.

Simple Gallery Pro

One of the galleries that was gaining in popularity for being the most faithful to the original Android gallery. There is still one free version, although its developers have indicated that they will focus on the paid version For all the news.

Simple Gallery Pro

It offers the same essence of the AOSP gallery but incorporating some new tricks. As the option of search, anchoring albums or a Photo editor, in addition to various classification modes Y security of our photographs.

Pure gallery

The last proposal follows the line of some previous options, simple design but with a solid performance. Having several ways to enjoy our photographs, either using the Timeline wave album view.

Picture Gallery

In addition to the option to use labels to organize our photos and protect them using the fingerprint reader. Includes a simple editor of photos to give those little touches without leaving the gallery itself.

Options for all tastes

Once we have reviewed all the options we can see that there are galleries for each personal style. From those that use a simple and functional design, through those that offer a wide range of options or those that opt ​​for a design that enters through the eyes.

All will meet the needs of a broad spectrum of users, although if I had to recommend one above the others it would be Optical. The reasons? Your visual proposal simple but nicealong with a high level performance and the long term possibilities of evolution

Looking for alternatives to QuickPic? Here are eight galleys to replace it
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