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Leave charging the cell phone all night can damage it? | Technology and science | Mobile

The cell phones They have become one of our most precious work and entertainment tools. For that reason, it is normal that we always seek to give our team the best possible care. However, sometimes we can hear recommendations that make us doubt the measures we take.

One of those recommendations has to do with the fact of leaving the cell phone charging overnight, a fairly common habit. Some people say that it is a bad habit that will eventually damage the device. But how true is this information?

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Although rumors spread on the internet ensuring that leaving the mobile connected to the plug for several hours is harmfulThe truth is that it does not affect them at all, except that it is a very old team.

Many years ago, mobile phone batteries were made of nickel, and if they were recharged for several hours in a row they ended up losing power. However, the most modern models have batteries of lithium, which offer durability far superior to their predecessors.

So you know, don't be afraid to let your cell phone charge for several hours. But if you want to extend the life of your cell phone, you can choose to turn it off while charging, in this way you will give the team a break.

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