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Key features of this new smartphone

The phone Redmi Note 8, as expected, is already official. This model comes to replace a device that has had an excellent performance in the market both in perception by users and in what has to do with sales. The case is that the new generation is a reality and we show the options that are supported to maintain its success.

In what has to do with the processor and battery new Redmi Note 8 It must be said that the evolution is not exactly very large. In the case of the SOC, the new model includes the Snapdragon 665, a component that is superior to the 660 of the previous generation, but that does not suppose an especially great evolutionary jump in capacity of work nor in what has to do with the GPU (in spite of the change to an Adreno 610 by a 512). The truth is that the ideal would have been to go to a Snapdragon 7xx range. By the way, the model Xiaomi Redmi 8 Pro There's a good qualitative leap here: it's passed to a processor Helio G90T, oriented to the use of the games and that in its interior has a Mali-G76 graphic, and this is a good advance along with an efficient use of the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands with WiFi- networks.

The Redmi Note 7 Pro is official, good memory and a camera with 48 megapixels

In the charge of the battery the 4,000 mAh in the normal model, while the Pro reaches 4,500. And this is positive, since this amperage is outstanding and allows excellent autonomy. Again there is no significant change, even the fast load is 18 W, but in this case there is not much to object since there are internal elements such as the camera that we will talk about later – that you doubt this. Where s there are changes on the screen, since now the size of this is 6, 53 inches, so it is bigger and this is good today, being the Full HD + replica and with an excellent frontal use that exceeds 90% (one detail: only the Pro model includes fingerprint reader on the panel, so This s that differs from the Redmi Note 7) range.

MediaTek Helio G90 processor

In what has to do with RAM s s there are news, since it reaches the 6 or 8 GB in the Pro version, while the normal one stays in the four or six of the previous model. This allows for greater fluency, especially in multitasking – and, therefore, favors everything going a little better. There are no big leaps in storage, but it is even possible to get a 128 model gigas of space, so there will be no problems. A good addition to both models is that water protection is included IP52, something that is interesting and not very common in Xiaomi terminals.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 screen

Redmi Note 8 camera, its great novelty

And this is what could be a reason for buying and changing the model. The reason is that it goes from the two sensors in the third chamber to the four offered in those announced today. The main one is an element of 64 megapixels in the Pro version (since the "normal" stays at 48 MPx). It is one of the first smartphones on the market to offer this option with such resolution. It is accompanied by an 8 MPx for wide-angle functions (120 degrees); another 2 MPx for macro photos; and, lastly, it is also 2 MPx, but in this case it is a depth sensor. Undoubtedly, The progress is very clear regarding Note 7.

Rear image of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

We cannot fail to indicate that there is also a qualitative leap in the front camera for selfies in the Pro model, since it goes from 13 MPx of the current model to the twenty megapixels of the terminal announced today, which is even capable of recording at 960 frames per second. Therefore, the commitment to photography is key in the new Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

Is it worth switching to the Xiaomi Redmi 8?

Well, given the advances and the price of the device, the truth is that it is not a bad investment to proceed with the purchase of the new model. Ben is true that only a significant progress in performance is achieved with the Pro variant, which must be seen as updated due to the use of a MediaTek processor. But the changes in the camera and keeping options as powerful as the battery charge are reasons that support the arrival of Redmi Note 8 – especially the Pro model – and with reasons to be a purchase option and maintain its good behavior in the market.

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