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How to use the account change by gestures right now in Gmail

A few days ago it was announced that Google intended to facilitate the cboth accounts in your applications in a simple way: the use of gestures. Well, as usual in the developments of the Mountain View company, it is gradually starting to update its developments, such as one of the most used as is Gmail.

In this way, the email client of the firm follows the steps that have already been taken in other options such as Drive and Maps. And, now, it is Gmail's turn, where it is really more useful to change accounts by gestures – and it is still surprising, since the usual thing in this work of the firm led by Sundar Pichai is that it takes time to Implement changes that have great quality. The case is that a new version of this application (2019.08.18) it has begun to be deployed and, in it, the mentioned new function is included.

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How the account change by gestures works in Gmail

Well, the truth is that it is quite simple, since once the application is opened and the user interface is in, what has to be done is the following: Drag up or down on the icon with the image you present to the account in the upper right area. In this way, you automatically proceed with the desired change. At that time you saw that the mailing list and the image change automatically, without the rest of the elements offering any animation. The truth is that it is quite fast and effective.

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It is important to comment that, if the aforementioned identification icon is pressed, the account selection function manually remains active, as are the other options that are present in Gmail. Therefore, the implementation is good and there is absolutely nothing left. A good addition from Google.

How to get the Gmail feature right now

As we have indicated this new function, which surprisingly came earlier in the iOS version of Gmail that in Android itself, has begun to be deployed – but rather slowly by the different regions in which this development is present. If you don't want to wait for this to happen, you can download the manual installation file (APK) without any risk.

What you have to do is download the new Gmail APK and, once this is done, click on the file obtained. Some appear screen steps to be confirmed (granting permissions without problems since the Google signature is in the file in question). In a few minutes the gestures will be available in this mail client, which is the most used in devices with Android operating system.

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