Harry Potter to Pokémon GO, first video of how it will be and dates

Harry Potter on Pokmon GO, first video and arrival date

A year ago we found a piece of news that surprised us: in full success of Pokémon GO there would be a magic saga that would also make use of augmented reality and positioning on the maps to take advantage of the pull in the form of a game. Much has happened after the first confirmation of the idea, hence the announcement of Niantic He caught us again by surprise.

What would it take to Harry Potter and all your imaginary to the augmented reality of smartphones? Niantic Not only has he planned it in detail, he also has the approximate date on which the game will appear on our screens. Heat your wand, train your spells, reserve your place towards Hogwarts: Harry Potter Wizards Unite It's about elf candy.

Augmented reality, spells, wizards … And the entire Harry Potter universe

Harry Potter to Pokémon GO, first video of how it will be and dates

It is not that Niantic is oblivious to the conversion into a video game of complex universes because there is Pokémon GO: the exploration game par excellence takes two and a half years reaping success of download and criticism. So, if the Pokémon and everything that characterizes the franchise can be moved to the smartphone screen, why not do the same with the enormous creation of J.K. Rowling?

Niantic has enabled a registration portal so that anyone who wants information can receive it directly at their email address. He has also presented the first official video of the game, a teaser in which you see a Golden Snitch in full flight with a magician appearing on the screen and then grab the snitch and disappear.

We don't tell you more about the video, you can see it below.

Hopefully we will choose a wizard at the start of the game and also one of the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. If we stick to how Niantic has structured the experience in Ingress and in Pokémon GO we can expect from Harry Potter Wizards Unite an exploration game in search of creatures with spell collection, magic items and help from different teachers. We may even have to fight enemies like Voldemort and his minions. Looks very good.

Not much is known about how it will be Harry Potter Wizards Unite, yes we won't have to wait too long: will be ready in 2019. As we said, you can sign up for the list to receive the news, you have the link below.