Google Maps will tell you how to avoid natural disasters

Google Maps will tell you how to avoid natural disasters

I don't remember a time when Google has put so much effort into improving a product like Google Maps. The news is practically daily, although in very different sections of the application.

Only in the last ones have we seen how the application has improved to recommend us the best dishes of each restaurant, let us know where the speed cameras are and indicate the speed at which we circulate.

Today launches a new function, less useful in everyday life but much more important as it could save lives. It is a complement to another that was already available and which we talked about at the end of the article.

Google Maps will warn of natural disasters

From now on, Google Maps users will see alerts in their application when the area they are in is the target of a natural disaster. In this first version the application will notify of:

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes

We can share our location if we believe that we are in danger as well as the information of the screen with people we think you need to know. This information includes what happens, the place, the time of update and the source of that information.

These new functions join one that was already active on Google Maps and that warned us, when we were driving, if our route included the passage through one of the danger zones, recommending us to make a detour to avoid it.

In addition, as always, we can activate the traffic layer in the application and see the incidents that exist and, if we see one and it does not appear, report it so that it is included as soon as possible.