Google Maps starts showing the speed at which you are going

Google Maps shows the speed at which you go and the limit of the going

In recent weeks we are seeing lots of Google Maps updates, some designed for the discovery of premises and what we can eat in each place and others to improve driving.

In this second group there is, for example, the inclusion of warnings when we are on a route where there are speed radars. Today we learned that another update of the app, related to this, is being deployed.

Google tells you how fast you go

Some Google Maps users have seen how a new element appeared on their mobile phones when they used the app to calculate a route. In the GPS navigation screen, a speedometer was shown in the lower right that marked the speed at which they were circulating.

This new function goes hand in hand with another that tells us the maximum speed of the road, so that we can reduce or increase ours depending on what we need.

Google Maps starts showing the speed at which you are going

Both options can be shown or hidden in the settings of the application since there is a button for each one so we can show both, hide them or leave only the one that seems best.

If we have both active we will see how the speed limit of the road is shown in black while the speed at which we circulate has two colors. If we go below the maximum speed the figure appears in orange, while if we go above it will become red

At the moment, this option is reaching some users in the United States and some European countries, such as the United Kingdom or Belgium, but it is not yet arriving massively. It is a matter of a short time so, but as always, Google servers will release this new feature in a phased manner.