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Google Discover updates its interface making it easier

Mobile phones are used in multiple ways, depending on many parameters. Children do not use it the same as teenagers, adults or the elderly.

Despite that, it has caught my attention in recent months to see how more and more people were using Google's Discover, that news section that appears on most phones in the left area of ​​the desks.

There are publications that may interest us according to what Google thinks we like best. And if anyone knows what we like it is of course Google.

New interface without bubbles

Google Discover: Before / Now

Google Discover: Before / Now

In the last hours Google has released an update of this section in which the bubbles of topics that preceded the news disappear. Before we could see how each section had a kind of headline in which we could click to know more about a topic.

With the new interface that disappears, leaving more space for the news itself.

In addition, the lower area that had notification management, search and options also disappears, incorporating those buttons at the top, which is also much more compact.

Google Discover updates its interface making it easier

The preferences management button now appears within each of the news, next to the frequency selector.

Discover loses a function

This new interface prevents us from looking for more news on a subject since it has eliminated the bubbles but has not introduced new options to replace them.

The update is done through the Google application that we have installed on our phones and is being expanded to all users, both those who use the app in a normal way and those who use it through the desktop replacement plugin such as Nova Launcher .