Sky Children of the Light

Children of the Light is now available on the App Store

Sky Children of the Light

During the keynote of presentation of the iPhone X in 2017 one of the invited developers was the company thatgamecompany what He showed an amazing game called Sky: Children of the Light. At first it was going to be developed exclusively for Apple TV, but over time the developers increased the number of compatible devices.

Today after many months of delay, This exciting game has just arrived on the App Store and you can download it both on your iPhone and iPad for free.

A game that stands out in both its visual and musical aspect

In Sky: Children of the Light we will embody the so-called “Children of Light” and our goal is to be tour and explore 7 dream kingdoms and return the falling stars to its constellations.

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Sky: Children of the Light features a wide world to explore and in which the social component is a very important aspect since we can interact with other players, make friends and send messages. This is a free game although you can make certain purchases within the application, both to improve your skills and to change your appearance.

In the time that we have been trying it we can confirm that it is about a very well designed game, both at the level of graphics and soundtrack It is one of the best in the App Store. In fact, in the game itself, it is recommended to activate the sound or use headphones, and we will not be less.

The controls are quite intuitive and make enjoy this beautiful world created in Sky: Children of the Light be a real joy. In addition, the company has promised that over time there will be improvements and updates and new kingdoms that we can visit.