Assassin's Creed Rebellion can now be downloaded on Android: lethal and precious killers

Assassins Creed Rebellion can now be downloaded on Android

Ubisoft is one of the most powerful game development companies of the moment. Among his most important sagas is undoubtedly Assassin's Creed. The last installment we analyzed in the blog was similar to the one we had tested on the consoles, with serious characters and matching graphics.

But this time we have taken a radical turn. The dynamics will be similar, as well as the characters, but both the control and the design of characters and aesthetics are far from being as we had seen so far.

A story set in Spain

The place where Assassin's Creed Rebellion takes place is in our country, Spain, during the stage of the very sadly famous Spanish Inquisition.

Assassin's Creed Rebellion can now be downloaded on Android: lethal and precious killers

Assassin's Creed Rebellion headquarters

That is where we will have our headquarters, a huge construction with multiple rooms where we will perform all the necessary tasks to advance the game. Little by little we will build new rooms, increase the experience and complete missions.

More than 40 killers to choose from

One of the novelties of the game is the amount of characters we can choose to defeat our enemies. From Bartolo and María (real names) to Ezio o Shao Jun. A new version of the Animus will allow us to use assassins from different historical eras in a single mission.

Half of them are characters that we know of other deliveries but another 20 have been designed for this new installment that will only be available on mobiles and tablets (both Android and iOS).

We will have to evolve our characters to carry out missions and incursions with three of our murderers, which we will be recruiting for the brotherhood.

Combat can change from one killer to another, as well as their abilities. Some will use stealth, others direct murder and other less charitable methods.

The game can be downloaded for free but you have to know that it contains both ads and purchases within the application.