Apple Card cannot be stored in leather wallets

Apple Card cannot be stored in leather wallets

Few days it took Apple to have a new «* gate«, This time it is about Apple Card physical credit card, made of titanium and that Apple itself advises do not store it in a leather wallet for its delicacy.

Apple surprised the world when it announced that it would launch a credit card, not because it is a novelty, but because it is possibly the most boring and out of tune product in its aura of creativity that it has launched in its history. The company that years ago prides itself on being the Mecca of creativity, now launches a card with a large bank?

Apple Card is a digital servicefintech. In Europe we have known them for several years, such as Revolut or N26, but in the United States it is a revolution, added to the enormous popularity of the iPhone in this country, it is expected to be a success.

Photo: Alexander Zank

A titanium card that cannot be folded and stains

One of the most curious features is that a physical titanium card is associated for use in stores, since payment with Apple Pay is not as widespread.

Since the card is titanium is susceptible to damage when coming into contact with certain materials, such as the skin or cotton of jeans.

Apple has published a document that indicates how the card that is reduced to using a microfiber cloth and alcohol should be cleaned to eliminate possible residues. But the suspicion is the warning given at the end.

Some fabrics, such as skin or denim, can cause permanent discoloration that cannot be cleaned.

Apple also indicates that the card cannot touch others, which makes it impossible to keep it in compact or "minimalist" wallets. It is because the material is susceptible to scratching, something that on the other hand happens to all plastic cards.

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