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Analysis of Pokmon Masters for Android

We have already seen multiple perspectives on Pokmon on mobile devices, some more successful than others. It was quite expected, for the same reason, the arrival of this new video game for Android and iOS, more focused on the traditional experience of "get with everyone". We tested it to tell you in our analysis of Pokmon Masters that has given s.

This is probably the most serious attempt on the part of The Pokmon Company from bringing the most traditional Pokmon experience to mobile devices. Very far from what has been pursued by Pokmon GO, Pokmon Quest or Pokmon Rumble Rush, what Pokmon Masters intends is to bring the battles between coaches we all know to phones and tablets, in an adventure with allies and enemies in which the ultimate goal is Rise as world champions.

Seen from that perspective, the project could not be more interesting, and in fact the application for devices Android and iOS It enjoys quality, with a very competent audiovisual section and playable dynamics that even dare to innovate within the formula. All within an experience "free to start" (free download) that is not excessively intrusive and that, with effort and some tesn, allows you to progress without the need to checkout.

Perhaps this is one of the best news of a video game that, on the other hand, presents some rhythm problems, some repetition in the approach and an improved performance. However, the developers of Welcome They have not made a bad video game at all. It may not be high enough for a saga as revered as Pokmon, but it is interesting for the most fans, as well as a curiosity for other users who dare to try it from this same August 29.

The best coach in the worldThe biggest premise of Pokmon Masters is to fight against some of the most popular coaches in the history of Pokmon. Gym leaders, members of the High Command and Champions meet in a game that takes place in a new scenario: the artificial island of Passio. A particular trip that has as a common denominator to adventure and friendship, in a story mode divided into several chapters of progressive difficulty, with increasingly complicated confrontations whose duration is not very high, between 6-8 hours.

Pokmon Masters analysis

It presents some rhythm problemsThat is the approach, simple but quite effective. Everything is handled through a mens system. Do not expect exploration in the style of classic games, but something more in line with what you would expect from a mobile Pokémon. The interface is everything in this regard, and we must recognize that it performs a correct job, taking us between the different events. Some may be simple conversations intended to deepen the stories of the different characters, which, by the way, can join the cause. Others consist of 3vs3 battles which stand as the central element of the experience.

Pokmon Masters AndroidThe battles are 3vs3, with four abilities per pokmon, as in the main series. The difference? That here you will have to wait for the techniques to be recharged before using them again.

The characteristic of the combative system is that it develops in real time. The only limitation is the recharge time of each skill (the typical cooldown), which you have to learn to master to strategically manage each contest. In the early stages, everything is quite simple, but as time goes by the game becomes more demanding and even forces you to stand up, configure your equipment well and train the pokmon to level up.

One of the greatest peculiarities of Pokmon Masters is that each coach carries only one pokmon (this is called "compis couple"). For example, we take Pikachu, Brock to Onix, Misty to Starmie, Red to Charizard and Blue to Pidgeot. In the end, it is the same formula as the original, but simplified, without implying that we have to stop thinking about the optimal configuration. up to three pairs of compis That we can take to battles. In fact, this selection is crucial to be more or less likely to defeat the five leaders of the World Pokmon Masters (WPM) and thus win their medals.

For the novice, the game has an optimizer that chooses which pokmon goes best with each match. There is even an automatic battle option, so you can get an idea of ​​the approach. There are no capture, breeding, or competitive options. Apart from the history fights, the only thing to note is that there are much emphasis on the farming to level up and learn skills but little else. Perhaps most significant is the addition of a special attack (compi movement) that is activated after executing a certain number of actions in battle. It also includes option for cooperative fighting with other players, a feature that is unlocked at an advanced point in history.

Pokmon Masters

The audiovisual section is very workedThe approach is not bad, with a Pokmon Center with a shop and a coffee maker that allow you to easily level up your creatures, using a series of manuals that we gain as we move forward and complete missions. There are a lot of tasks available, also daily, that reward us with gems and other useful objects to accelerate progress. Obviously, here is the Pokmon Masters business, and that is gems can be bought with real money to, for example, get us with new pairs of compis.

Pokmon Masters Android

In any case, I don't have much to object about the model introduced, since it has not been intrusive to me. What I criticize a little more is a certain monotone in the approach and loading times that, although short, are very frequent and do not contribute to generating the best rhythm of the game. For the rest, the audiovisual section is very worked, and I especially liked that it gave the option to reduce the visual quality so that the frame rate is more stable and smooth.

During my tests I had someone hang up for connection loss, but even so the program has returned me right where I was, so a good programming job is appreciated. In short, it cannot be said that there is no work behind this mobile application, although with a little more dedication it could have been reached further, which was perhaps as expected, more in the case of Pokmon. My advice is to try it, you don't lose anything, especially if you are a fan.

Analysis of Pokmon Masters for Android
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