You can control what you play on your Smart TV or Chromecast with your Xiaomi Mi Band 4: as it is done

You can control what you play on your Smart TV or Chromecast with your Xiaomi Mi Band 4: as it is done

Mi Band 4, control Chromecast or Smart TV content

The cool full color AMOLED display is not the only great novelty of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4. Among its many functions, the latest version of the smart bracelet offers the possibility of control the music that plays on the mobile, and change parameters such as audio volume, change songs or pause and continue playback.

What some do not know yet, is that this feature can also be used to control content that is sent to external devices such as Smart TV, televisions connected to a Google Chromecast or even smart speakers.

So you can control the content you pack to other devices from your Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The music control function of the Mi Band 4 is based on the Android native media playback control. This means that, through the bracelet, we can perform actions on the music that plays directly from the Mi Band, in the same way that it could be done when using any other accessory connected to the mobile via Bluetooth.

However, neither Xiaomi nor the operating system itself limits the multimedia content that can be controlled from the wristband. So, it is possible to perform the same actions about a video that is sent to a Chromecast, the episode of a podcast played on a Google Home smart speaker, or a Netflix movie sent from the mobile to a Smart TV.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

To do so, just access the music playback control of the Mi Band 4 sliding left or right from the main screen, or from the “Ms” menu by clicking on the “Music” section, while the content is being sent from the mobile to an external device.

In this way, we will see the options of increase or decrease the volume, pause or resume, or change the episode – if possible – directly on the screen of the bracelet, and we will avoid the need to resort to the mobile to perform any of these options.

While the number of options is somewhat limited, it is quite convenient to have these controls directly in the grimace, and undoubtedly adds even more value to an accessory that, as of today, can already be purchased for less than 30 euros.

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