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What to consider when buying a tablet for children

It is likely that in summer after spending a few weeks with the children sharing our tablet we will end up deciding to get one for the little ones in the house. Try walking through any electronics store. You will probably find some advertised under the heading infantil Children's tablet ’. In most cases: a block of colored rubber with some aggressive hue that runs an old version of Android, with an interface of grotesque and gigantic buttons and a handful of apps classified by age groups.

Despite the initial fever of these devices, many manufacturers have emphasized that their low and medium ranges can also be valued by parents to be the first tablet for their children. However, many of them are lost by not being clear about the alternatives. The solution must be finding an intermediate point between hardware and software, without losing sight of the price, which must be a key factor in the election. With all this, an eclectic range of options is drawn that we try to help you clarify with this little guide if you have decided to buy a tablet for children.

The hardware of children's tablets

It is the same as challenging a technological law written in stone with a chisel, but wrapping a tablet in a rubber tablet and putting it in the same color as a Civil Guard control vest does not make it immune to children. It is likely that the device receives a blow, yes, but you have to measure things with caution. Children are becoming more and more familiar with the tablets and are not going to be throwing it off right at first. Also, if you run into A tablet for children lined with red rubber for 60 euros, assume that what you are receiving is not a quality device.

Xperia z4 tablet 2

The basics between a tablet for children and a tablet for adults is not so different. A quality screen, a processor that offers more or less fluid performance and internal memory. At least 32 GB. Below there, better not to look. In the case of a tablet with less capacity, it is important to assess that it has expandable storage by MicroSD.

If you are connected to the internet, we can synchronize with the cloud to save movies and other files, but it will be an extra job. Keep in mind that games and other applications quickly consume the storage of these devices.

On the screen, there is no reason, in our opinion, to rate a screen below a resolution other than 1920 × 1080. And the price is no longer a barrier in this regard. About the processor, forget about brands, cores and GhZ. Take the tablet, bring it up a little in the store and decide based on how you feel the experience is.

The software, very personalized for children but … and the updates?

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A fundamental aspect of the choice of the tablet for children is the software. For several reasons. Google is in charge of Android, yes, but as you know, since it is an open source system, manufacturers have a wide sleeve to give the way they want to the interface with which they work. This allows that in addition to the personalization layer many of them choose to include a child mode that eliminates unnecessary or inappropriate elements from the main interface.

Not all parents want their children to be able to access any YouTube video without restriction. In many cases preloaded applications allow you to easily monitor what our children are doing with the tablet. They are useful changes but sometimes have effects

When Google brings into play a new version of Android, device manufacturers with highly modified versions cannot simply adopt that new version.n. The changes have to be adjusted to the maximum, which means an investment in hours of software development. And many times that does not happen, since the manufacturer determines that it is not worth investing in that update.

There you must value. Children are intelligent, there is no reason to confirm only in simple interfaces. There are ways to block inappropriate content on all devices, so children mode is not essential in many cases.

Google Play and Google Play Services

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<p>Perhaps more important than version updates and the simplicity of the software <strong>is the access to Google Play Store and Google Play Services.</strong> Google’s suite of applications – Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. – are designed primarily for adults, but Google’s recent drive for ratings through the Play Store and apps tailored to children without offensive ads is a big Advance. It means children can participate in the growing ecosystem of applications and parents have the power to moderate and make decisions based on their rules.</p><div class='code-block code-block-9' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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It also means that you can share music, movies and TV shows of any service you want. Having controlled access to a larger environment is good for everyone involved, but it means you have to have the Google Play Store on the device in the first place.