Waze features that Google Maps does not have yet. And should

Waze features that Google Maps doesn't have (and should)

When installing a free and online GPS navigator there are many who opt for Google Maps, there are even those who prefer to use Here Maps (We recommend you try it). Of course, a good majority have another name in their heads: Waze This beloved point-to-point GPS navigator with voice guidance has everything to take you anywhere, in the shortest and preventing you from eating jams. Google Maps too, but it is not level. Yet.

That Google bought Waze had a clear objective: to bring the social functions and detection of traffic jams in real time to the company's flagship application in terms of maps and GPS navigation. Little by little we have seen the transfer of functionalities, but there are still many features that refuse to leave Waze. Below we detail the ones we like the most.

You can put your own voice for guidance instructions

Waze features that Google Maps does not have yet. And should

The voice of Google Maps Use the Android TTS tool. By default it is not bad, but Waze goes much further including different voices in his repertoire. There is usually one male and one female per language; in addition to commemorative voices that appear as a special edition (mythical was the voice of C-3PO, for example). In addition, it has an important addition.

What do you want to record your own "Turn when possible" command? Like the rest of the turn-by-turn guidance instructions: Waze lets you customize the voices with whatever you want. Take that one, Google Maps.

Car icon customization

Waze features that Google Maps does not have yet. And should

It may seem silly, but it makes our position more visible; In addition to customized: you can choose between the usual arrow and different types of car, colors included. What do you want to see that you drive a Formula 1? With Waze it's possible.

Complete contingency warning system

Waze features that Google Maps does not have yet. And should

Google Maps has introduced the option to alert of different elements, but Waze offers a wide selection of ads. For example, you can alert mobile speed cameras, accidents, dangers on the road, on the shoulder, of works … This makes it much easier to choose alternative routes and, above all, prevent other Waze users.

Waze has always boasted social GPS navigation, and this is its main weapon, the collaboration between all users. They even appear Wazers that are nearby. Too bad Waze has removed the driving games and the points system.

Waze is more precise with the instructions and warns in advance

Waze users corroborate this data: Google Maps is usually more messy at the time of indicating by voice the following movements warning in advance in many of the cases. On the other hand, Waze's voice-guided navigation is much more natural, which contributes to safety since you don't have to pay so much attention.

Waze allows you to customize more navigation limits

Waze features that Google Maps does not have yet. And should

Motorways, tolls and ferries have both applications, but Waze goes beyond allowing to block the sections that include unpaved roads (Maps can get you on low traffic roads) and difficult crossings. In addition, Waze allows you to add toll passes and VAO in order to restrict only those highways and tolls to which you have not paid.

Speedometer, speed cameras and speed limits: Google Maps are not yet for everyone

Google Maps is recently adding many aspects of Waze that were also essential, such as radar and speedometer warnings with speed limits. They do not appear in all applications as they are expanding progressively, but in Waze you have them as standard and without doing anything.

Are you more of Waze or do you prefer Google Maps? The second has been assuming the functions of the first, which Google bought the company for that. Without this implying that Waze has stopped having personality: With this GPS navigation app you get a very good experience behind the wheel of a vehicle.