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US phones last 2 to 5 years, according to a study

US phones last 2 to 5 years, according to a study

Analysts in the technological world carry out research that provides very interesting data to better understand its situation. For example, thanks to the studies we know that Samsung users download faster and that not so many people bet on expensive mobile phones, Only one in five is spent over 400 euros in a terminal.

On this occasion, it has been the mobile operator Ting who has conducted a study that leaves us get closer to the use that US users give to their mobile phones. Among the most prominent conclusions, the figure of the average life of these terminals before being exchanged for new ones.

US phones last 2 to 5 years, according to a study

Curious is the less the relationship that American citizens have with their phones. We already knew that most of them do not know what phone they have, what their characteristics are or what model it is in particular. Now, Ting's study reveals how much time they spend with the phone before changing it to a new one.

To know the data, the workers of the operator have made a survey in which 3,640 people participated. Every time they change to a better mobile, how much they spend on it and why they do it are just some of the questions that have led to some very interesting conclusions.

Broken mobile

Ting's study shows that 47% of US users take between three and five years to update its terminal, while 30% do it every two years. Then, 10% of users change their mobile phone every year, 8% do it every 5 years and, finally, 5% of them switch to a new phone before the year.

Those are the results after asking what the frequency of change is, but why do they decide to buy another mobile? Need or caprice? Well, in that case, 32% of the respondents said that the telephone no longer worked as well as at the beginning, while 23% did so because the terminal was broken, damaged or lost. On the other hand, only 10% of them admitted that they wanted one of those new models that impress so much.

Regarding this data, from Ting ensure that the update cycle every two years is more a belief unfounded by manufacturers That a user need. Thus, 36% of users take more years to change their mobile phone without serious problems.

Very expensive mobiles still don't convince the public

As for the operating system, 65% of study participants use the Android operating system. When changing mobile phones, 94% do so from Android to Android, that is, they continue to bet on the Google system. However, only 6% decided to change from iOS, Apple's system, to Android.

The new generation of 3D cameras will come from Sony

On the other hand, Ting has also researched the most important aspects for users when buying that new mobile. Price, specifications and storage space are the three key details for men, while women highlight the price first, followed by the operating system and the camera.

Among the public from 18 to 24 years, the operating system is the aspect that prevails in the election, followed by the specifications and the camera. On the other hand, users from 56 to 64 years also look at the operating system first, but without taking into account the price and storage of the terminal.

Remember to delete your personal data from the terminal when you are going to sell it, donate it or recycle it.

How much do all these people spend on updating the phone? According to the operator's study, 42% of respondents choose to buy a mobile phone between 150 and 399 dollars, while only 3% of them spend around 1,000 dollars worth today the most powerful phones From the market.

Finally, Ting's study serves to warn all users of what they should do when they stop using a mobile. 42% decide to leave it in a house drawer, instead of donating, selling or recycling it. If you are one of those who choose one of these three options, Remember to erase all your personal data when you do, A good practice forgotten by 4% of users who get rid of their old terminals.

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