Offers on Google Play for Black Friday: up to 80% less

up to 80% less

This week will be monopolized by the offers because, as you probably know, Black Friday has ended up slipping into all stores. It started with technology and now we have Black Friday sales even in supermarkets. And in the applications, of course, that Google has taken an excellent promotion out of its sleeve.

Google Play points to Black Friday downgrading a remarkable amount of Premium games, paid games that offer the highest quality graphics, history and playability; with the advantage of not having ads and, in general, lack of purchases within the application. Do you want to take advantage of them? Keep reading.

Google Play downgrades 15 Android games of the highest quality at a ridiculous price

Offers on Google Play for Black Friday: up to 80% less

Android is almost exclusive territory of freemium games, those that are free and include advertising, but that does not mean that there are no real gems of entertainment. The Black Friday sales They are not only a great opportunity to find these jewels, also to download them to your mobile at a super reduced price.

Google has published in its blog all Black Friday offers for the Play Store. They are the following:

Offers on Google Play for Black Friday: up to 80% less

Are 15 premium games They are worth every penny of what they cost even without having any offer. Maximum quality, excellent graphics as a general rule and with some discounts amounting to 80%. You can find the Black Friday offers page by entering the Google Play Store.

In addition to these offers you can find many more discounts on apps, and a multitude of free applications for a limited time, by entering our weekly article. You have it right next.