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The symptoms of digital disconnection are revealed when traveling

The symptoms of digital disconnection are revealed when traveling


No matter where we went this summer to enjoy our vacation, whether to the pool, to the town to rest or to visit a foreign country, Surely our smartphones have accompanied us to all our destinations. And, who resists to hang on their social networks those wonderful photos of white sand and crystal clear water?

But nevertheless, A new study has investigated what happens to people who decide to leave their smartphone and technology in general when they are traveling. What happens to them when they cannot access their social networks, surf the internet or contact their acquaintances through applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. Do you want to discover them?

All this is what happens to people who decide to leave the phone aside while traveling

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<p>According to Europa Press, a new research carried out by the universities of East Anglia (Greenwich) and Auckland (Australia) <strong>has revealed the symptoms that tourists suffer when disconnected from smartphones</strong>, technology and social networks while traveling.</p>
<p>The researchers examined the emotions of 24 participants from seven different countries who traveled to 17 destinations during the study. They were analyzed before disconnection, during and after reconnecting. <strong>The results of the study showed that there were initial ansied participants, frustration and withdrawal symptoms</strong>, although these symptoms disappeared over time.</p>
<p><strong>Although not all participants suffered the same symptoms</strong>. For example, those who went to urban destinations suffered anxiety when they could not access their smartphone to consult Google Maps, consult information about their destination or to discover new places and monuments to visit. On the contrary, those who went to rural destinations suffered abstinence from not being able to kill time or boredom with their mobile phone.</p>
<p>The funny thing is that once the holidays ended and they were able to “reconnect” to the digital world, they all admitted to being overwhelmed by the amount of notifications and messages they had pending to read and consult on their mobile phone. <strong>They also stated that the digital disconnection was really rewarding.</strong> and they recognized doing it again in future vacations.</p>
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