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The most beautiful and challenging puzzle game for your Android: Bubbles

Android is an excellent gaming platform, both for the hardware features and for the number of users that developers can reach. Too bad Android doesn't offer so many guarantees when it comes to obtain benefits, that is one of the reasons we had not enjoyed Bubbles until now. Yes, the game has a somewhat cheesy name, but this little wonder, just landed from iOS, saves enough charm and quality to surprise you.

Bubbles make the leap to our Android from “premium” to “freemium” game. This means that we will not have to pay anything for the game, at least initially: it is free to download. Although yes, you know at the cost of what: ads within the game. But do not stay with the bad, that Bubbles has much of the good.

Bubbles, a puzzle game with bubbles that you must eliminate by painting them in color

The most beautiful and challenging puzzle game for your Android: Bubbles

The basic mechanics are more or less identical to other bubble games: when there are several units that share color (four) they are removed from the board (deflated); and if you manage to remove them all screen raisins. Now, the way to create colored bubbles changes throughout the game creating variations that significantly refresh the mechanics. In addition, the Charisma, graphics and animations of Bubbles They are of such quality that the game already stands out.

The most beautiful and challenging puzzle game for your Android: Bubbles

Throughout the screens you must explode bubbles by filling them with color. The different colors appear at the top: you will color progressively as the colors follow. Calculate the movements well and take into account the different fish and aquatic animals as they will strive to make the task a little more difficult.

The most beautiful and challenging puzzle game for your Android: Bubbles

Bubbles is a puzzle game in which you will need all your ingenuity to conquer the screens: m the game consists of 170 levels created with maximum detail. The animations of the exploding bubbles are very careful, like the movements of the fish, the vibration to the beat of the explosions of bubbles and also the relaxing music in the background. As the game advises as soon as you start, it is best to play it with headphones.

On his jump to Android from iOS Bubbles has won free game losing with the integration of advertising: every certain levels will skip a full screen ad. Of course, you can buy the full game, and take away the ads, by 4.19 euros by micropayment. We recommend it: Bubbles It is a work of art made mobile game.

A hilarious game that you must download

Bubbles It is one of those games that manage to reinvent genres by force to put effort into polishing every detail, however small. Challenging, full of intelligence, with adorable characters, with graphics and excellent animations … It's wonderful, with all the letters.

Although Bubbles works correctly the game has not yet officially reached the Google Play. Of course, it is available in open beta: Simply point to the Android store from the following link. We recommend it.