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The Men in Black franchise stars in one of the most unfortunate clones of Pokmon GO

Men in Black: Global Invasion

Pokmon GO is today one of the most popular games for both Android and iOS mobile devices. The game began attacking our nostalgia, although with the passage of time and due to the lack of news, many – among those that I include myself – we ended up uninstalling them from our smartphones. Despite all this, We must recognize that Niantic has been doing a great job through various updates that have put Pokmon GO where it belongs: at the top of the download list.

And how could it be otherwise, many have been those who wanted to imitate the success of Pokmon GO. Niantic herself with the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite wanted to repeat it, but in the future we will also see other Pokmon GO inspirations such as the Oliver and Benji game or the mythical saga of Dragon Quest. But today we bring you the most brazen and unnecessary “clone” of the Niantic title: Men In Black: Global Invasion.

Men in Black: Global Invasion, the clone of Pokmon GO that nobody has asked for

As we read in Android Police, Men in Black: Global Invasion is a new augmented reality game currently available in the United States and the United Kingdom that will only delight lovers of men in black.

For the rest, it is simply a different skin from Pokmon GO. We walk, we meet extraterrestrial criminals who have come to the planet Earth and we capture them. Little more can be added to this game which is simply about a way to advertise the latest film in the saga, which by the way has been an absolute failure at the box office.

Men in Black: Global Invasion will come out at some time during the month of September and how could it be otherwise, will have integrated purchases in the application of up to 99 dollars per itemsuch as coins, button boxes, new weapons and a resistance system that makes aliens more weak.

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