Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro: solution to the most common problems

solution to the most common problems

Xiaomi Mi 9T and 9T Pro: solution to the most common problems

The retractable camera appeared in Xiaomi with the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 9T. This mechanism allows the mobile to have a screen with virtually no frames, expanding the viewing ratio and providing the user with an immersive experience while consuming multimedia content. Its Pro version, with Snapdragon 855 processor and improved fast loading, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, can now be reserved on Amazon at a price of 400 euros for the 64 GB version of storage (remember that this card cannot increase its capacity by card microSD, so you must choose the model carefully). On this occasion we will tell you the most common errors of the Xiaomi Mi 9T.

In these same pages we gave a good account of the performance and use of the Xiaomi Mi 9T. It is logical, all mobiles are like this, that in the use problems arise that have a short-term solution, either derived from the layer they use, MIUI, or from the software itself or mobile configurations and settings. We are going to tell you some of the problems that you may encounter in the use of the Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro and its corresponding solution.

We remind you that some problems of the Xiaomi Mi 9T are common to other mobiles of the brand, such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.

These are the most common problems of the Xiaomi Mi 9T and Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Battery problems

Development options

In some specialized forums this trick is aimed at solving the problem of battery drainage suffered by many users of the Xiaomi Mi 9T. It is a quick and simple solution that we can do in a couple of minutes. Eye, this solution is not infallible and the drain of the battery of your mobile may be due to an application that is malfunctioning and that stayed in the background activated The solution we propose to battery drain is as follows.

We have, first, to activate the developer options. In this section we will be able to configure some mobile parameters such as the speed of the animations. By default, this section remains hidden so we will have to activate it manually. For this we have to enter the configuration of our phone and then enter the first section we see, ‘About phone‘ Inside, press seven times until the phone notifies you that the developer options are activated.

developer options

Next, we go to ‘System and device’ – ‘Additional settings’. Within this screen we look for ‘Developer Options‘ Here we will go down to the bottom, until we see the options ‘Activate MIUI optimization’ and ‘Notify about high-risk functions’ and make sure they are deactivated. Then restart your mobile.

Prevents apps from automatically starting

In MIUI we can prevent the applications that we have installed in our mobile from opening automatically when we restart our phone. It's like the ‘automatic start‘In Windows. In this way we will be preventing some apps that do not interest us from being put into operation, causing us to have a smaller autonomy. We will act as follows.

We enter the ‘Security’ application that we have installed by default in our mobile. Among the sections we see we enter ‘Manage applications‘ On the next screen we press the ‘Permissions’ icon that we have at the top of the screen.

automatic start

Now, we go to ‘Automatic Start’ and we will see the list of applications that we have installed in our mobile. If an application has the switch onturn it on So prevent it from starting automatically. In my personal case, I am prohibited from any application that starts automatically and the notifications that I have activated arrive perfectly. If you do the same and do not get WhastApp, try to allow it to start automatically.

Modify mobile network scanning

To ensure that our mobile is dedicated only to scanning two types of mobile networks instead of three or four as it comes by default, and thus avoid spending too much battery, we will do the following.

We enter ‘About the phone’ and click on sobre Storage ’several times. A screen with three options appears, ‘Phone information1’, ‘Phone information2’ and ‘Wi-Fi Information’. Click on the first of the options.

In ‘Set preferred network type’ we display the options and choose ‘LTE / WCDMA’. You should not restart the phone: every time you do it you will need to change this setting again.

Other common problems

The ambient screen does not appear

One day, while I was charging the phone, I saw that the ambient screen did not appear, despite having activated it conveniently. The first thing I thought was that some component had been damaged, but before using the warranty, I did the usual, formatting the mobile. And he fixed. Well, I thought, it will be a momentary software failure. Nothing is further from reality. During the battery saver mode, which is activated automatically when a certain percentage is reached, the ambient screen is automatically deactivated. You have to be careful with this: nothing happens to your mobile, simply the ambient screen does not work when the battery saving is working or the mobile stays too long in an area of ​​total darkness.

Portrait mode zooms in too much

When we activate the portrait mode in this terminal we see how, automatically, the image gets too close. And there are times when we are not interested in the portrait being so close to us, forcing us to retreat back so that the image is to our liking. Well, there is a way to disable this automatic zoom when we activate portrait mode. We just have to press the silhouette shaped icon that we have located in the upper left of the screen. Thus we will have activated the completo Full body mode ’.