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Odyssey for iOS and Android

We are on a roll with respect to the arrival of interesting games for smartphones, as yesterday it became clear with a new Nintendo title. In this case it has been known that a new job from one of the largest franchises in the world of board games will have a new option: Warhammer: Odyssey. We tell you what kind of development it is.

The game that has been officially announced, comes under the brand Games Workshop, which is the owner of the Warhammer brand since its arrival on the market. But, on this occasion, there is the collaboration of the study Virtual realms, which puts extensive experience in the development of titles for mobile devices. By the way, Warhammer: Odyssey be available both in the operating system iOS Apple as in Android from Google, so compatibility is not exactly a problem where you put yourself at the helm of a mercenary company that will have to make a living.

Warhammer: Odyssey game graphics

What kind of game is Warhammer: Odyssey?

Well, to the surprise of many, not being a graphic adventure to use or a strategy title. This job is a game. massive online (MMORPG) where you can enjoy the great majority of the races that are part of the Warhammer universe, such as the Skavens or the Orcs obviously, humans will not be missing, as it can not be otherwise. Among some of the things that attract attention among the little that has been known for now about development, it should be noted that graphics will be in three dimensions, so there will be appeal, and that Internet connection will be necessary since we talk about a multiplayer title.

In the beginning they will be six playable classes by users – where there will be possibilities as an Engineer or Archmage – with three races (such as Elves and Dwarves) that will be quite different from each other to give Warhammer personality: Odyssey. By the way, many of the regions that are part of the universe Warhammer fantasy will be present, such as Marienburg or Drakwald Forest.

Play Warhammer: Odyssey

Arrival of Warhammer: Odyssey

A specific date has not yet been communicated to make this game a reality on smartphones, but what has been indicated is that Warhammer: Odyssey be a game gratuitous (with purchases inside) and have constant updates that will make the development universe ever larger. Come on, or MMORPG with all the letters.

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