Netvibes prepares its own web app for the iPad

Netvibes prepares its own web app for the iPad

Netvibes is preparing the web app for the iPad based on your service. By now you should know what Netvibes is. If not, then we will explain it to you.

"Netvibes It is a free web service that acts as a personalized virtual desk, similar to the Google Custom Home Page. Visually it is organized in tabs or tabs, where each flap is usually in itself an aggregator of various modules and scrollable widgets previously defined by the user. ”(Wikipedia)

The version alpha of the site is already available (bottom image) to be accessed from the iPad, although the most polished version of the site (top image) will not be available until within a couple of weeks or so. The alpha version that was presented to us yesterday does not allow us to create or edit Netvibe accounts, only access it, nor does it allow us to purchase content from Twitter, Facebook, among other limitations.

What the two versions will have in common be the synchronization with the desktop version from Netvibes.

We will see how this web application is received among iPad users, but in my opinion it is a good way to get everywhere, because all social networks have (or should already have) their own application for the iPhone OS.

Are you the first to try the Netvibes Mobile service?

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