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Netflix for Android copies Instagram stories with two functions

The evolution of mobile content consumption has resulted in a change in the format of videos. Verticality has taken a lot of prominence thanks to Snapchat and, above all, to Instagram. Both companies were able to see that smartphones were used in this position and bet on it.

Now Netflix for Android is added in two ways. One has already reached the whole world and we have already advanced it to you a few months ago and another one is in tests.

Instagram stories come to Netflix

A few months ago we told you that Netflix was preparing a new section of trailers that would be seen on the mobile in vertical format. This new section is now available to many users.

It appears below the title highlighted on the cover of the application, and allows you to click on any of the advances that are available.

Once we enter we can mark the movie or series to save it in our list, we can play it or go to the file to read the synopsis, see the information of the same, etc.

Netflix for Android has a new section of Extras

Another novelty, which has been confirmed by the company, is the Extras section. At the moment only a few users have it available, but hopefully, if it works as the company wants, it will reach everyone.

Netflix for Android is inspired by Instagram stories with two new features

In this case we talk about the evolution of the section Soon we have in the lower navigation bar. In the new section we will have a horizontal carousel of new titles and we will be given the option to add them to our list (if it has already been published) or to be notified when they are launched (if they are not yet available).

Netflix for Android is inspired by Instagram stories with two new features

In both cases a share button will appear that will make use of a menu in which we can choose the app to which we want that content, from WhatsApp to Instagram through Instagram Stories. It was a fairly requested function and it seems that we will not have to wait too long to use it.