Manage files and folders on your iPad

Manage files and folders on your iPad

FileBrowser for Apple iPad

Although the iPad does not have a good system to manage our files, in the App Store we can find some applications for it. It should be noted FileBrowser, a file manager devised by Stratospherix, with which share files and folders either with your Mac, your PC, or your local network.

With this application we can access the files through all computers connected to the local network Where are you connected? This can help save time transferring files and folders between devices.

In turn, the application is capable of detect shared folders on the server and manage them in a way wireless. In addition FileBrowser does not only have a integrated player with which to play the files, but is able to open an application of your iPad when a certain file is opened. For example, if you open a .pages file, the Pages app will open to show you the file.

FileBrowser It is already available in the App Store at a price of 2.39.

If you love having everything well ordered and you are one of those who transfer countless files from one device to another, FileBrowser will not leave you unsatisfied.

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