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How to configure parental control in Windows

Today, keeping any child safe while browsing the Internet can be a challenge. Normally, they will need to use devices with an Internet connection to do their homework, or to play video games.

It is very easy for them to end up accessing content inappropriate for their age. One way to limit this type of risk is to activate parental controls that Microsoft includes in Windows.

Then we will show you how to configure parental control to control screen time, filter inappropriate content and block certain web pages completely.

If you want to have more control over the content that your sons or daughters can access, especially if they use mobile devices, then you should check the dedicated packages like Qustodio, which offer you quick access to the configuration through your smartphone or PC

How do I configure parental controls in Windows 10?

To access the different content filters offered Windows 10First, you will have to set up a children's account for your son or daughter. To do this, go to Settings> Accounts and select the Family and other people tab.

See the option Add a family member here. Select this option and then click on the Add a child option, enter an email for them (you can create one of Microsoft here), provide a phone number for security reasons and follow the remaining instructions to complete the account.

Once this is done, you can click on Manage family settings online or open a browser on the Microsoft website, where you see your child's account or children in the list. Under each account there are several options: Activity, Time in front of a screen, Application limits and Ms options.

The option of Activity allow you to activate the reports that keep you up to date on the time your child spends online, the sites he visits and the applications he uses.

The option Time in front of the screen, as the name implies, allows you to set the hours at which your daughter can use her devices. This is done through a grid that shows every hour of every day.

You just have to click on the ones you want to be available to them. The configuration also has the option to also cover the Xbox One (like all family configurations), so you can make sure that your little ones do not switch to their console once they have used up their daily computer hours.

Currently, the option to put application limits It seems to be just a preview, but once enabled it will give parents the option to set time limits on specific applications.

Currently, it is only compatible with those installed from the Microsoft store, and even then there are exceptions such as Skype, Spotify and WhatsApp.